Library Computers and Travel

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

       I recently decided to visit Ireland next spring. My first step was to investigate the price of package tours from reputable companies such as CIE, Perilla, Globus, Cosmos, and Gate 1. With those prices in mind, I next turned to the website Tripadvisor which includes reviews by real travelers who have recently visited a given vacation spot. In case I decided to travel independently, I investigated the cost of hotels, attractions, and flights. Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and many more search engines, also give competitive airline fares and rates on hotel accommodations.

       Next, I turned to the online Library catalogue to look for books. I always start with Rick Steves’ travel books but the Library has many travel series and works which provide rich background material on countries. When I discovered a book that I wanted to keep and take to Ireland with me, I ordered the book from Finally, I used the Library databases and general search engines to pursue topics of special interest to me like the location of W.B. Yeats’ grave and the words to Irish folksongs I learned as a child.

       Ask your librarian if you would like assistance using the Library computers to plan a vacation. Librarians can get you started in the right direction. And if you get stuck with a nagging question about the country that you want to visit, come to the Information Desk.

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