Where did the month go? – February construction update

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wow! That month was fast. Tomorrow it’ll be March and the library will be gearing up for Art IS Education month. At the same time we’re still focused on getting everything ready for our new library. Staff had their first trip inside the building last week and are really excited about the wonderful public spaces coming together.

On the library exterior, this month didn’t give us a whole lot of visible change. The crews are hard at work on preparing the window fins to seal up the building once all of the windows are ready. Just this week you may have noticed traffic being stopped or slowed on Paseo Grande as East Bay MUD works to connect the water and fire suppression lines. If you attended an event at the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association, you almost certainly noticed the torn-up concrete and fences. These are necessary to get the East Bay MUD and PG&E connections created so that the new library will be warm, bright, and safe. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Inside the library there has been some very cool and visible progress. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking, but the new Teen Room, Learning Center, Community Room, Cafe, Staff Offices, Sorting Room, and Friends of the Library Store are all taking shape.

As always, don’t forget to stop by the Temporary Library to load up on books or catch one of our family programs. And, for more news about the library, consider signing-up for our new email newsletter. The first issue should be out next week.

Community Room

Sorting Room

Inside the Teen Room

Inside the Learning Center

Adult Reading Room. On the left is the Teen Room, straight ahead is the Learning Center, to the right is the Friends Store

In the Children’s Room looking at the Cafe straight ahead and the restrooms on the left

Weekend Construction Update

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January has been a busy month at the construction site. Exterior wall framing and sheeting are just about finished. The crews are starting to erect the interior walls, and I can see the shape of my future office! The team is preparing to order shelving, working with vendors on audiovisual equipment, security, and getting the installation of utilities scheduled.

In February we’ll see lots of interior work as the walls inside are built and the space starts to take shape. On the exterior the walls will get some waterproofing and will look a lot more like real walls by the end of the month.

In the temporary space we’ve got fabulous programs lined up for February. Next Saturday, February 7th, bring the kids for a Pirate Show! Or if that’s not your speed, take a look at our calendar of events for the month.

Looking into the future children’s room

The main entrance, roof, and window outlines

Looking from the children’s area – Cafe on the right, restrooms and offices on the left

Sample of Stephen Galloway’s incredible decorative window glass for our public art project

Nice weather is back and so are updates!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January is off to a sunny start in San Lorenzo and our construction crews are taking advantage of the good weather. With the concrete slab and roof finished, it’s time for work to commence on the walls. This month will be a busy one, as first the frame – and then plaster, windows, insulation, and other wall elements will be installed. Crews are placing scaffolding along the walls to support all this work, which should proceed at a quicker pace this month.

In the temporary space we’ve recovered from the minor storm damage and are also getting into high gear.

Next Wednesday (1/14) kids can come in for International Hat Day at 1:30 and design a seriously stylish hat. Dan Chan the Magic Man will visit on 1/28 for a magic show. Our first teen craft of the year will be Monday 1/26 – T-shirt modification.

For adults we’re bringing back a great lineup of Computer Classes (English and Spanish), Citizenship, Lawyer in the Library, and help with CalFresh 1/5, Job Seeking 1/10, Covered California 1/11, and Fair Housing 1/15. Also check out Making Daily Activities Easier with assistive technology on 1/28.

Finally, please consider attending the Friends of the Library Board Meeting at the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association on Monday 1/26 at 6:30pm. This is your opportunity to get involved with a great organization and maybe even take a leadership role! The group is looking for new board members to join the team.

Metal framing outlines the back of the new side of the building

Rear wall of the community room and staff work area

Scaffolding now in place along the future community room and kids area

Metal framing will go in all around the new building this month

Our new construction pond and looking ahead to 2015

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Construction Site LakeThere hasn’t been a whole lot of news to report about the library expansion this month. Rain has repeatedly caused us to push back the date for pouring concrete and for sealing the roof. Both activities **should** be finished before the end of the year – but will require the elements to cooperate first. In the meantime, heavy rain last week formed what can only be called a lake at the site – a puddle outside the expansion side reached 3′ deep!

Inside, at the temporary library, we’ve been struggling with our own water issues. The storm caused drips in more than one spot in the ceiling, requiring some quick action by staff to keep books and patrons dry. The rain didn’t completely dampen our spirits, as we hosted the Friends’ tree trimming and a visit from the Arroyo High School Choir.

January will bring more fun crafts to the temporary library – sponsored by our Friends of the Library:
1/14 at 2:30 kids are invited to decorate a hat for International Hat Day
1/26 at 4:00 teens can come by to turn a t-shirt into a stylish work of art

Also don’t miss Dan Chan the Magic Man on 1/28 at 3pm.

We’ll continue to provide more ongoing programs like Citizenship Class, Computer Class (now in Spanish too!), and Storytimes. There’s too much to list so visit our branch calendar for more info.

2014 has been a busy year for us – setting up our temporary building, saying farewell to longtime staff, welcoming new staff and, of course, planning our new home. 2015 will continue to bring about changes for San Lorenzo Library, and we hope that you’ll be part of them too. For now, here’s a sneak peak at some of the furniture for kids, teens, and adults to enjoy in the expanded library (colors not representative of what you’d see in the library – these are samples).


Building in the rain – and some upcoming programs

Thursday, November 13, 2014

With the weather shifting and rain finally in the forecast and on the ground, our construction team is still hard at work getting the roof covered and the ground prepared for concrete. Work slows a little when it’s wet, but we’re still seeing a lot of great progress.

In the meantime, we enjoyed a fun LEGO program on Wednesday exploring amusement park architecture. Coming up Saturday is International Gaming Day from 12-3pm. We’ll have a variety of traditional and current games to play for families and friends alike. Next Wednesday don’t miss another great craft program for youngsters as we build Spider Webs from twigs and yarn at 2pm.

On a more practical level, we have our first visit from Covered California enrollment specialists this Sunday from 1-4pm. Take care of your enrollment early before the crowds descend on us. Also next week on Wednesday we’ll have a representative from Echo Fair Housing in the library from 10am-12pm answering your questions about housing and rental issues in Alameda County. If you can’t make it this week we’ll have repeat visits from both of these great organizations coming up.

Hope to see you at the library soon.

Early this week framing is ready

Late this week the roof and siding have an extra layer

Stacks of roof material ready to be laid-down

Yellow moisture-resistant layer waits for the rain to pass so sand and concrete can be added

Piles of rebar waiting to be added to concrete

Latest Construction Photos

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some great shots this week as I was able to walk through the construction site while work was in progress. Our construction team is all over the site – adding electrical conduit for power needs, placing plumbing for the bathrooms, tearing the shingles off of the existing building, and preparing the ground for the rock, sand, and concrete that will soon cover the site of the building. Once the tops of the new and existing building are ready, we should see roofers in action putting the new full roof on both sides. This should be happening next week, weather permitting.

During the month of November we should see the roof and concrete slab floor take shape. Once those are finished the team will move on to putting up walls. Very exciting!

If you’re out this weekend for the Halloween Parade and Game Extravaganza at the SLZHOA, be sure to take a look in-person at all this great progress.

The most important part of the building: The Bathrooms. Here’s plumbing going in for the stalls

With the roof decking in place, workers can walk around more freely as they prepare for the roof.

These plastic tubes cover the ground to prepare for the many power outlets we’ll need.

Plywood covers the skylight holes so no one falls through.

Rain is coming…

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Winter is coming… or at least the hope of some Fall rain. At our construction site the roof is just about done. This week we have some photos under the roof to look at different areas of the expansion space.

Just yesterday our library design team met with our architects to talk furniture and shelving. We saw some great designs and exciting seating options! We had a hard time choosing between all the delightful seats for toddlers, teens, techies, and the very tired, just to name a few. Hope you like the photos and we’ll try to include some pictures of our future furniture in an upcoming post.

Those holes look a lot like skylights

looking through the bathrooms (pipes sticking up) into the future Community Room

Looking from the Community Room towards the staff area

Looking towards the Cafe and the front entrance

San Lorenzo Library Roof!

Monday, October 6, 2014

What a difference a week makes! Our regular photographer is unavailable, so this week’s pictures were taken from slightly different vantage points. The biggest change this week is the roof, which is nearly complete. In the meantime, our team is still finalizing the paint colors for the exterior and working hard on the layout of the interior space. This week we’ll be looking at some of our audiovisual options for the Community Room and Learning Center – some of our choices include digital projectors, flat-screen monitors, or video walls. Very exciting! Next week we’ll be selecting much of our new furniture for the computer lab and reading room.

2014-10-06 17.24.36

The roof towers over the parking lot

2014-10-06 17.25.18

View from the top of the play structure. A great vantage point for shorter individuals

2014-10-06 17.28.26

The roof is made of many individual slats

2014-10-06 17.28.57

The different heights and slopes of the roof are really apparent in this shot.

Construction updates and great family programs!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Work is proceeding at a good pace on the construction site. Our design team is spending the Fall finalizing most of the shelving, furniture, artwork, and other great stuff you’ll find inside the building. The orders for these items can take a long time to fill, so we’re working diligently to make our selections with lots of time to spare.

This week be sure to come by the Temporary Library on Hesperian. Wednesday afternoon at 2pm we’ll be treated to a visit from the Owls of Sulfur Creek. And Saturday at 2:30pm we’ll host a visit from a 3D Printer! Come watch as a box the size of a microwave melts plastic and turns it into almost anything you can imagine. See you at the library…

Connection point between the new frame and the existing library

Attaching the beams in the corner of what will be the Community Room roof

More roof steel is piling up and tension wires hold the frame steady

Foundation outlines the storefront area where vegetation will welcome visitors to the library

New Library Expansion Photos!

Monday, September 15, 2014

This week saw the expansion side of the library building really start to take shape. Our staff have been urging visitors to the temporary space to go check out the “tinker toys” that make up the growing steel frame of our future home. We were also treated to an update on the public art project coming to the library expansion. The window panels, designed by Stephen Galloway, will be as tall as 17′!

In the photos below you can really start to see the angles of the expanded library – the sloping roof, the exterior walls, and how it will meet the existing side of the building.

The side of the building facing Hesperian. The front half of the roof will have a different angle than the rear

Closeup on the side of the building facing Hesperian. You can see all the way to the hole in the wall of the existing library. 

Corner of the building nearest the fire station. You can see how far out the patio will extend from the building.

The inside of the existing building. Still dark and waiting for exciting new furniture and shelving.

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