Staff Holiday Favorites

The holidays bring us together, allow us to form traditions and reconnect with loved ones we may not see very often.  Many of us spend time watching favored holiday movies, or read books together during some much needed downtime. We thought it would be fun to find out which books and movies the San Lorenzo Library staff gravitate towards during the holidays.



Lorraine (Circulation Manager): How the Grinch Stole Christmas Lorraine says “The Grinch starts out being mean and stealing Christmas, and ends up with a bigger heart.”


Ronda (Library Clerk): Frosty the Snowman because “I still cry when he melts.”


Loranne (Lead Library Clerk): A Christmas Carol. She says “I have 12-14 copies of the movie and 3-4 copies of the book at home.”


Brandon (Library Clerk): A Christmas Story “I always fall for the triple dog dare and watch it all day.”


Fily (Library Clerk): A Charlie Brown Christmas “I love to watch it with my grandkids.”


Jesse (Children’s Librarian): A Charlie Brown Christmas “It’s nostalgic.”


Natali (Library Page): Elf  because “It’s just so funny!”


Yvonne (Library Page): Home Alone “When I watched it I always thought about what I would do in that situation.”


Tamecca (Teen Librarian): Elf “It’s funny and I really like Will Ferrell.”


Danielle (Library Manager): Olive the Other Reindeer “I like the idea that a little dog thinks she’s a reindeer.”

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