Weekend Construction Update

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January has been a busy month at the construction site. Exterior wall framing and sheeting are just about finished. The crews are starting to erect the interior walls, and I can see the shape of my future office! The team is preparing to order shelving, working with vendors on audiovisual equipment, security, and getting the installation of utilities scheduled.

In February we’ll see lots of interior work as the walls inside are built and the space starts to take shape. On the exterior the walls will get some waterproofing and will look a lot more like real walls by the end of the month.

In the temporary space we’ve got fabulous programs lined up for February. Next Saturday, February 7th, bring the kids for a Pirate Show! Or if that’s not your speed, take a look at our calendar of events for the month.

Looking into the future children’s room

The main entrance, roof, and window outlines

Looking from the children’s area – Cafe on the right, restrooms and offices on the left

Sample of Stephen Galloway’s incredible decorative window glass for our public art project

Nice weather is back and so are updates!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January is off to a sunny start in San Lorenzo and our construction crews are taking advantage of the good weather. With the concrete slab and roof finished, it’s time for work to commence on the walls. This month will be a busy one, as first the frame – and then plaster, windows, insulation, and other wall elements will be installed. Crews are placing scaffolding along the walls to support all this work, which should proceed at a quicker pace this month.

In the temporary space we’ve recovered from the minor storm damage and are also getting into high gear.

Next Wednesday (1/14) kids can come in for International Hat Day at 1:30 and design a seriously stylish hat. Dan Chan the Magic Man will visit on 1/28 for a magic show. Our first teen craft of the year will be Monday 1/26 – T-shirt modification.

For adults we’re bringing back a great lineup of Computer Classes (English and Spanish), Citizenship, Lawyer in the Library, and help with CalFresh 1/5, Job Seeking 1/10, Covered California 1/11, and Fair Housing 1/15. Also check out Making Daily Activities Easier with assistive technology on 1/28.

Finally, please consider attending the Friends of the Library Board Meeting at the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association on Monday 1/26 at 6:30pm. This is your opportunity to get involved with a great organization and maybe even take a leadership role! The group is looking for new board members to join the team.

Metal framing outlines the back of the new side of the building

Rear wall of the community room and staff work area

Scaffolding now in place along the future community room and kids area

Metal framing will go in all around the new building this month

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