New Library Expansion Photos!

This week saw the expansion side of the library building really start to take shape. Our staff have been urging visitors to the temporary space to go check out the “tinker toys” that make up the growing steel frame of our future home. We were also treated to an update on the public art project coming to the library expansion. The window panels, designed by Stephen Galloway, will be as tall as 17′!

In the photos below you can really start to see the angles of the expanded library – the sloping roof, the exterior walls, and how it will meet the existing side of the building.

The side of the building facing Hesperian. The front half of the roof will have a different angle than the rear

Closeup on the side of the building facing Hesperian. You can see all the way to the hole in the wall of the existing library. 

Corner of the building nearest the fire station. You can see how far out the patio will extend from the building.

The inside of the existing building. Still dark and waiting for exciting new furniture and shelving.


3 Responses to New Library Expansion Photos!

  1. Randy Waage says:

    LOOKS great! Thank you so much for the wonderful updates!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are they also going to remodel the outside of the old building?

    • Thank you for the excellent question. While there will be a lot of updates on the inside of the existing half of the library, there won’t be as much on the outside. We are planning some new landscaping in and around the courts – the semicircular areas just outside the old walls – and the public art project will include window panels on that side of the library. The wall you can see in these photos will be redone because most of it will be inside the building in the future. As for the walls on the other 3 sides of the existing library, they will basically be sheathed in stucco on the outside with metal siding to match the new construction. The great windows will stay the same.

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