Meet George Derieg: Hometown Hero & Lawyer in the Library

George Derieg, San Lorenzo Lawyer in the Library

Attorney George Derieg will be present  in the San Lorenzo Library every second Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. You do need to sign up in advance but even if you don’t, George will often squeeze you in. George is a whiz at giving good, solid, advice on legal matters relating to criminal law, family law and estate planning. If George can not help with your legal problem, he is direct about saying so. George can often direct you where to get help if he can not be of assistance.

George and his wife, Dr. Bonnie Merritt, were high school sweethearts who met at Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo. Dr. Merritt is a clinical psychologist who currently practices at La Clinica de la Raza in Oakland. George recently worked for the Public Defender’s Office in Alameda County but he resigned to take on the job of full-time stay-at-home father. George and Bonnie have two children, Lydia, 20 months, and George Benaiah, 4 months. George feels that he has landed the most rewarding job on the planet.

George is also the minister at the “Three Crosses” church in Castro Valley. He has many qualities that make him approachable and easy to tell your troubles to. If you would like further information about the San Lorenzo Library’s Lawyer in the Library, call the Library’s Information Desk at 510-670-62834 ext. 14 and speak with a librarian. This program is a partnership between the Alameda County Library and the Alameda County Bar Association.

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  2. […] Livermore Probate Attorney Derieg gives back to his community. George Derieg volunteers at local libraries at least three times per month. Mr. Derieg has given so much to his community that his hometown of San Lorenzo, California declared him a hometown hero in the local newspaper. […]

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