College Admissions Workshop

Juniors and seniors, come check out our personal statement workshop tomorrow, October 12!

As high school students may know all too well, the college application process is no easy feat. College-bound students spend hours diligently pouring over SAT books, researching colleges and majors, attending college fairs, and, of course, writing their personal statements. In fact, I dedicated so much time to my personal statement that, a full eight years later, the opening sentence from my personal statement is still etched into my memory. I also have a degree from the University of California and a college experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

College also teaches you how to harness your newfound independence well and unleashes your potential. The late Steve Jobs of Apple, like many other successful businessmen, did not graduate college but still boasts that  still attended courses and found great value in them. While college does not dictate a person’s potential, its undeniable that a college degree is one of the most powerful tools for the young generation. The degree, as many of us have found, always keeps a foot in the door when job hunting  and equips graduates to pursue their professional endeavors.

To the prospective college students, the lofty admissions and financial aid application process might be painful now, but well worth it from even the moment you step onto campus. The college experience and the power of a college degree has taken me to places I never could’ve imagined. During my career at Berkeley, I went on a fully-funded trip to Egypt, studied abroad in Taiwan, taught design principles in high school classrooms, and learned about what sparked my imagination and drive. For me, that was architecture and community development; what is it for you?

There is also a college for every type of student, every academic profile, and every type of financial capability; finding the one that fits you takes some more research and counseling from your school staff. Now, for some of us, good grades never came by so easily, and discouragement can set in pretty easily. As a high school senior, I acknowledged my academic profile was nothing spectacular. The personal statement, I knew, would have to be the clincher in my application. Thus, I devoted a month to writing 600-words that reflected the best of myself and who I hope to become in college. With lots of editing from teachers and my friends, I was able to submit an essay that I was proud of and that I believe (though who can really be sure?) got me admitted to most schools of my choice, including UCLA. 

We know the admissions process takes a lot of work, so the San Lorenzo Library wants to invite you to a Personal Statement workshop. We’ve invited a Kaplan college admissions expert to walk through the personal statement writing process and give tips to writing a great, attention-grabbing personal statement.

Come check us out tomorrow on October 12 at 4 P.M. for a workshop! Refreshments are provided, and we’ll have a great raffle for college memorabilia and great SAT books.



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