Teen Book Review


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson 

Review by Dana, grade 7

            Prom is a book that describes the months surrounding the senior prom at a small Philadelphia high school. The book is written according to seventeen-year-old prom-hater Ashley Hannigan. Ash’s best friend, Natalia, is the head of the prom committee, and has been dreaming of prom since forever. Ash has three younger brothers, and another sibling is on the way. Her house is small and cramped, and she loathes her family. Her boyfriend is a dropout, and he seems to always need some cash. Ash also has to deal with a lousy job as Rompin’ Ratty at a kids’ restaurant. Then, the math teacher steals the prom money. The prom is about to be canceled, but Ashley suddenly volunteers to help the prom committee stage a prom in the school gym. Ashley has numerous adventures trying to set up the makeshift prom.

In my opinion, Prom is a great book. The characters are well-thought-out, and they seem like people who you would want to be friends with. The plot is also really convincible, and it totally seems like it could happen to anyone, even though it probably wouldn’t. I like how the plot unfolds, and there are always twists for you to discover. It appeals to teens, as many teens go to prom, and the issues described in the book are things that could/would happen to teens.

However, Prom can be cheesy at times. It also might be too mature for younger readers. I would recommend this book to all high schoolers, especially those who love the prom. It’s interesting to see the prom from the point of view of someone who dislikes the prom. It’s also funny to see how Ash handles all of the situations and problems surrounding her.

Overall, Prom is an awesome book. You should read it! Really! 

[Dana is a library volunteer and a member of San Lorenzo’s Teen Advisory Group.  Thanks, Dana!]


2 Responses to Teen Book Review

  1. Gary says:

    I think it’s cool to have teens submit reviews of teen books 😉

  2. aria says:

    your right and prom is good for highschoolers
    good review

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